Representative Selection Criteria

With the unique times NZ finds itself in, within a world wide pandemic, and the restrictions and protocols society has and is going through, so sport and golf specifically finds itself in unchartered territory.

The 2020 Interclub programme is now inter mingled with the (shortened) 2020 Representative Programme.

As such squads that have traditionally been named and from which teams are chosen, will not exist this year.

The first group of Representative teams (to compete vs. Man/Wang on August 1st) will be chosen on;

  • Interclub, tournament and past representative team, results
  • Demonstrated team values, present and past
  • Demonstrated training and practise ethics
  • Recomendations from club team managers and team members
  • Recomendations from coaches

All golfers in the Wellington District will be duly considered for team selection.

Teams will be advised by e/mail and subsequently published on the website.

Any queries should be in the first instance be directed to the WGI Office, e/mail to