Wellington Golf operate a Women'sMen's and Junior Interclub programme across the District.

In the weekend, Women's Interclub comprises a 36 Hole Premier, scratch division, and 18 Hole divsions played with handicaps applied

The midweek divsions offer 18 Hole and 9 Hole competions, both with handicaps applied

The Men's Interclub competitions comprise a 36 Hole Premier division (playing for the Otaki Cup and Duncan Cup), an 18 Hole Championship divsion (playing for the Waikanae Cup and the Schroder Trophy) and eleven 18 Hole divisions, all divsions matchplay without handicaps applied - a total of 81 ten man teams.

The Junior Interclub competitions comprise of an 18 Hole Premier, scratch division ( playing for the Watt Cup), and two Junior Pennants divsions played over 18 holes and 9 holes with handicaps applied.

Interclub Team Entries are called for during August each year for the following year in order to schedule the programme of play with all the Clubs involved.