2018 Order of Merit

The Wellington Order of Merit (OOM) is designed to bring out the best in players encouraging them to play in Club Opens, WGI, Regional and National Events. 

The points awarded for each event, relate to the quality and size of the field assembled.  

The four OOM tables have been aligned with respect to the ranking of National, Regional, WGI and District "open" events that make up the OOM.  These events Tier ranking may be adjusted, up or down, dependant on the size of the event field, and the ranking of players within the field.

The 2018 OOM starts in late December 2017 with the Te Marua Masters and runs through till November 2018.. 



Current Order of Merit rankings

1Mountcastle, Kerry868.50
2Church, Adam654.98
3Hillier, Daniel560.55
1Chung, Darae1686.10
2Cui, Erika811.18
3Scrimgeour, Mia446.00
1Woods, Thomas250.36
2Clout, Jack244.72
3Marsters, Sam173.53
1Chung, Darae442.61
2Cui, Erika250.10
3Scrimgeour, Mia86.82