Roselee Thurston

I started golf at the old course Miramar 20 years ago and continued playing there during the redevelopment.

Looking for a change in family lifestyle we headed to the Wairarapa where I become a member of Martinborough and then Carterton.

My husband then worked in South Korea and the Philippines where the possibility of joining a club at that time was non-existent because of the high cost and waiting lists.

Moving to Abu Dhabi things looked up and joining a golf club was much easier and very enjoyable although playing in 45 degrees did take a little getting used to. My highlights were marshalling at the Dubai classic and meeting all the world famous golfers

Now resident of Masterton in the Wairarapa and a full playing member at Riversdale Beach and Masterton Golf Clubs. An active and keen Interclub Player enjoying the Game and the Comradeship of Golf.

I represent the interests of the Wairarapa Clubs and I Chair of the Match Committee on the WGI board, and enjoy applying my work place knowledge and golfing experience to support the game of golf in the Wellington region.