Wellington Teams To Play Auckland Named

The Golf Wellington selection panel has named the following teams to compete against Auckalnd in Taupo, August 11th - 13th, in this annual match that stretches back c. 50 years. Strong Auckland teams, national champions in the Womens and Juniors space, will again provide a great test for the teams from the capital as the representative season gets underway in ernest. Wellington are the current holders of the Men's trophy, Auckland the Women's and Junior trophies.


1. Jonno Cane (C), Manor Park  2. Sam Marsters, Miramar  3. Ciaran Sim, RWGC  4. Dominic Hazeldine, RWGC  5. EJ Nicholson, BFHGC  6. Alec Prentice, PBGC  7. Thomas Spearman-burn, Miramar  8. Trey Shedlock, Titahi .  Christiaan Marsters, Mananger.


1. Danika Lee (C), Shandon  2. Yewoo Hyun, RWGC  3. Teisa-mania Vaka, Shandon  4. Peta Time, Shandon  5. Dakota Asi, Judgeford  6. Alanah Braybrook, BFHGC .  Steve Weir, Manager.


U19 - 1. Sameer Govind, RWGC  2. Jamie Frew (C), Masterton  3. Riley Moy, Otaki  4. Luke Weir-Smith, Judgeford  U16 - 5. Apirana Ngarimu, Manor Park    6. Hugo Sidford, BFHGC  7. Mutu Ngarimu, Manor Park .  Alastair Sidford, Manager.