Wellington at Level 4 till Tuesday 24th 11.59pm

COVID-19 Club Information – our club advisory and related information is at this weblink: https://www.golf.co.nz/news-detail?newsarticleid=23479&tags=Industry
This will be updated around 4pm today and also emailed to all clubs. We will be including expanded details on course maintenance and other COVID-19 related information.

Auckland Offices - we closed the Golf New Zealand and DotGolf office on Tuesday evening and have asked all national and regional staff to now work from home until at least Monday 30 August. All our team are well set up at home and we have no issues with business continuity.

Staff/Locations of Interest – we have several staff who have been at a location of interest although timings are not exactly overlapping. These staff are all isolating and getting tested. We also do have a good number of staff who live in Devonport, Birkenhead, Takapuna, and Northcote where a large number of locations of interest are. We are monitoring this matter closely.

Operations – we are working through contingency planning for a range of upcoming events and activities. National events to be held in the next month include NZ Age Group Championships, the NI Stroke Play and Charles Tour events. At this stage, it seems it will be a challenge to host the NZ Age Group Championships in the first week of September in Auckland however we will reserve judgement on this until further advice from government tis received. Other events (and a wide range of other activity) will be reviewed again early next week but we are preparing for any operations in September to be challenging.