2021 Talent Development Programme (TDP)

Golf Wellington are proud to have successful development programs for young emerging golfers.  The Talent Development Programme (TPD), formerly Junior Academy, was established in 2005 by Wellington Professional golfer Mark Brown, with the generous support of Pelorus Trust. It provides assistance for Performance and Developing U19 boys and girls, including elements such as coaching, golf psychology, physiology and nutrition with the aim to promote mastery and excellence in the golfing environment.

Performance Group

This group is comprised of up to 12 U19 boys & girls who have attained a standard of play regarded as being at the top amateur level within the Wellington District. These players are expected to represent Wellington at the U19 level, and potentially the Interprovincial level.  They are also considered to have the potential to become a nationally successful golfer

Development Group

The Development group (of up to 24 U19 boys & girls) consists of young golfers who have either

  1. demonstrated good skills & clear potential, or
  2. are beginning to show potential

The Development Group provides specialised sessions to assist with the development of U19 boys and girls and is a feeder group for the Performance Group, as well as targeting young golfers who show promise for the future

In 2021, the Golf Wellington Talent Development Programme (Performance & Development groups) selection criteria is aligned with that set down by NZ Golf for the National Talent Development Programme.  The Golf Wellington TDP contributes to supporting the Elite Player Pathway.

2021 TDP selection

For U19 players wishing to be considered for selection for the Golf Wellington TDP, they are required to complete the expression of interest form.