2024 Women's National Teams Event

Registration and a cup of tea, coffee, muffin, scone (complimentary) will be available from 8.15am.

Tee off 9.15am onwards.

Lunch afterwards at $15.00 per person. 

National Club Teams Championship - Wellington District Final



  • may hold qualifying rounds for the National Tournament - an individual net 18 hole event, between Club Opening Day and 21 April 
  • may hold more than one competition day to ensure all eligible players (indices up to 40.4) have the opportunity to participate (e.g. mid week & weekend.)
  • shall charge an Entry Fee part of which is paid to Golf NZ

Players who belong to more than one club may compete in the club competition at each of their clubs but may represent only one club at the District Final.

Club Teams

  • The four players returning the lowest net scores, and who will be available to play on the date of the District Tournament, will qualify for the Team to represent their club.
  • Ties shall be determined by count back
  • If a player who has qualified for the Club team is subsequently unable to play in the District Final, that player shall be replaced by the player with the next lowest net score in the club’s qualifying round. Any further replacements shall be in the order of the net scores in the qualifying competition
  • Clubs will enter their club teams by completing the Entry Form for the District Final and sending it, together with the original score cards of the four team members, to Golf Wellington

District Finals

  • Must be played between 24 April & 31 May

District Final Competition

  • The format is a four ball better ball nett stroke play
  • The four players from each club are paired by their home club and drawn in different fours.
  • Players GNZ Handicap Indices on the day of the District Final apply.
  • Players must keep and return individual score cards for the day.
  • The four ball net scores of the two pairs from each club team will be aggregated at the end of the round to determine the team’s score.
  • The winning team is the team with the lowest aggregate net score total.
  • For the District Champion, tie(s) will be decided by count back of the aggregated scores.

District Prizes

  • The First, Second & Third placed teams shall receive prizes

National Winners

  • Golf Wellington will record the details of the Winning District Team on the Form provided and return it to GNZ by the date specified on the form
  • The net differential of the District Winners will be determined by comparing the four ball net score to the women’s GNZ Course rating.
  • The team with the best net differential will be awarded the National Trophy.

In the event of a tie, a count back will apply.