Board & Staff

The Board

The Golf Wellington Board comprises a President, and up to six directors, all of whom are financial members of a Club.  The role of President is nominated and elected each year, with the Directors being elected for terms of two years. Additionally a Director may be appointed to fill an identified skill gap.

For 2021/2022 the Golf Wellington Board is:-

  • Martin (Marty) Scott - President
  • Peter Gapes - Chair
  • Dianne (Di) Patchett
  • Peta Rogers
  • Christine (Chris) May
  • Murray Oliver - seconded till March 2022 AGM
  • Elton Nicholson - seconded till March 2022 AGM
  • Caitlin Hildyard - seconded till March 2022 AGM

Supported by Golf Wellington staff:-

  • Steve Weir ( General Manager)