Players selected for WGI Academy 2016 announced

Wellington Golf Inc. are proud to announce the 2016 WGI Academy.  The Academy was established in 2005 and continues in 2016 with the generous support of Pelorus Trust, Sport Wellington and the four Academy coaches (Renee Fowler, Dean Kingsbeer, Alastair Sidford and Kevin Smith).

High Performance Academy - Aiden Blackler, Caerwyn Ross, Cooper Wattam, Darae Chung, Erika Cui, Jayden Ford, Jordan Burgess, Mia Scrimgeour, Sam Marsters, Thomas Woods, Trey Shedlock and Zhuoyi Hu.

The High Performance group is comprised of 12 U19 boys and girls who have attained a standard of play regarded as being at the elite amateur level within the Wellington district.  These players are expected to represent Wellington at the U19 level and potentially the Interprovincial level.  They are also considered to have the potential to become a nationally successful golfer.

In 2016 the Academy has been aligned with the NZ Golf Elite Player pathway with a focus on technical, tactical, psychological, organisational and physical aspects of high performance relative to golf.  To assist us with the alignment the NZ Golf High Performance management team (Gregg Thorpe, Jay Carter and Bryce Hamer) are going to be working with our four Academy coaches and our local physiotherapist (Tracey Woodward) to deliver the programme for our High Performance group.

In addition to being selected as part of the WGI Academy, these players have been selected to be part of the Sport Wellington "Sports Talent Development Programme (STDP)".  Golf is one of eight sports that are part of the programme for this year.  The STDP is a Wellington City Council funded initiative which is managed by Sport Wellington.  The purpose of the programme is to increase the number of Wellington sportspeople achieving international sporting success.  The funding provided through Sport Wellington,  will be used for athlete, coach and programme development in areas such as athlete life, psychology, nutrition, strength & conditioning, mental skills, coaching workshops, performance programme research, performance strategies for sporting organisations and, identifying performance gaps and strategies for closing these. More information on this exciting opportunity can be found on the Sport Wellington website

Development Group – Alec Prentice, Alex Lopez-Sanchez, Ashley Geusebroek, Bradley Searle, Cayden Alexander-Hall, Christopher Burt, Connor Levesque, Daniel Searle, Ephron Time, Fraser Wilson, Harry Allardyce, Harry Ward, Josh Dalley, Lane Jiang, Mathew Wong, Oliver Ward, Reon Manuele, Ryan Geusebroek, Shontalia William, Taylah Ford, Tom Aldridge, Tommy Eggleton, Zane Wilkins,

The Development group (of up to 30 U19 boys & girls) consists of young golfers who have either

  1. demonstrated good skills & clear potential, or
  2. are beginning to show potential

The Development Academy provides specialised sessions to assist with the development of U19 boys and girls and will also focus on the key aspects of technical, tactical, psychological, organisational and physical.  This group is a feeder group for the High Performance Group, as well as targeting young golfers who show promise for the future.

Our WGI High Performance Plan, which outlines the purpose and focus of the WGI High Performance and the Development groups in the Academy is available on the Wellington Academy page on the WGI website, along with the selection criteria for the Academy (here)

WGI is very excited about the number and calibre of juniors we have in the Wellington district.  We look forward to working with the players, their parents, their primary coaches, the Academy Coaches, our service providers, our sponsors and the NZ High Performance Management team on this phase of Junior golf development.