Become A Coach

A ‘Coach’ is someone who provides a safe learning environment for their athletes/juniors. Non-golfing parents, high handicap golfers, retired members, male or female can all make great ‘coaches’.

The programme replaces the old Level 1, 2 and 3 junior volunteer club coaching programme.

The PGA Coach Development Programme is a joint initiative between New
Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand. The objective of this initiative is to
provide a seamless coach development pathway to ensure that all golf
coaches are appropriately trained and certified to coach at their chosen
player community.
Quality coaching is an integral part of the development of any sport, and highly
capable coaches are crucial to the confident progression of the players within

This programme has been developed in conjunction with Sport New Zealand,
and follows the modular based coach pathway. This approach enables coaches
to develop skills at their own pace; the modular approach to learning also
allows all golf coaches to become a specialist at any of the player communities.
The PGA Coach Development programme satisfies the principles and standards
of national coach development and training, as well as meeting the everyday
needs of both coaches and players.

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