WGI Committees

Wellington Golf Inc. has three key committees, which operate in accordance with the WGI Constitution & the powers delegated to them by the WGI Board.  These are:-

  • Match Committee - responsible for managing and controlling golf in the Wellington district
  • Golf Development Committee - responsible for developing golf in the Wellington district
  • Finance Committee - responsible for management and control of the WGI finances

The attached document provides a brief overview of each committee, what it's responsible for under the Constitution (summarised in the flowchart diagram), its composition and the proposed schedule of meeting dates.  

Applications to be part of one of the WGI Committees can be made here

Committee members (& who they represent) and proposed meeting dates are outlined in the tables below:-

Match CommitteeGolf Development CommitteeFinance Committee
Roselee Thurston (Chair & Board)Stephen Bridle (Chair & Board)Di Patchett (Chair & Board)
Steve Weir (WGI Operations Manager)Liz McLean (Board)Steve Weir (WGI Operations Manager)
Malcolm Gullery (Mens Interclub)Marty Scott (Board)Haydee Wilton (WGI Support Officer)
Rodney Barltrop (Mens Interclub)Haydee Wilton (WGI Support Officer)
Jenny Mackay (Womens Interclub)Carmen Blackler (Board & Academy)
Chris May (Womens Interclub)Graeme McLellan (Club)
Venna Seymour (9 hole)Dylan Lindstrom (Club & Junior)
John Wallbank (Junior)Cooper Wattam (Junior Representative)
Aiden Blackler (Junior Representative)
Match CommitteeGolf Development CommitteeFinance Committee
14th June21st June21st June
5th July2nd August26th July
23rd August (TBC)20th September30th August
27th September 18th October4th October
25th October8th November
6th December13th December