Wellington Team to play Hawkes Bay


Wellington Representative Team to play Hawkes Bay

Convener of Selectors John Spraggs has named a strong team for the second fixture of the 2017 calendar, following the Men’s successful match against Northland last weekend.

Hawkes Bay have invited a larger team than in previous years, two U16 Men added along with the two U19 men already included, as both associations look towards the U19 Men’s Interprovincial in October which has a tournament team of 4 x U19 and 2 x U16 players.

The Team travels Saturday to Maraenui, plays “reverse” singles Saturday afternoon and singles Sunday morning before returning to the capital Sunday evening.

 Captained by Jonno Cane the team is:

  1. Dan Hillier                                            Manor Park
  2. Jonno Cane                                         Manor Park
  3. Kerry Mountcastle                              Masterton
  4. Dean Gray                                           Masterton
  5. Elton Nicholson                                  BFHGC
  6. Josef Edge                                          Shandon
  7. Jack Clout                 U19                   BFHGC
  8. George Barralet       U19                   Miramar
  9. Jayden Ford              U16                  Judgeford
  10. Harry Allardyce        U16                  Shandon
  11. Darae Chung                                     Shandon
  12. Erika Cui                                             BFHGC
  13. Shontalia William                              BFHGC
  14. Alannah Braybrook                          BFHGC
  15. Anita Harkerss                                  Shandon
  16. Leanne Brown                                  Judgeford


Unavailable – Jordan Loof, Gabrielle Palado